Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's been a while!

Hey guys! I know, I know, I haven't blogged in forever! The main reason is because my laptop doesn't work anymore :( it wont turn on. And I never come upstairs and use this computer..but for now it's all I've got! I miss writing and checking back every five minutes to see if i have any comments or new followers! It's a lot of fun :) I need to get back into it!

Well summer is sadly coming to an end. It's still nice warm weather but school has begun! School for me will start next Tuesday. I'm super excited actually. Im looking forward to going back and learning! I feel like my brain is turing to mush. I. Need. School. Neverrrr thought I'd ever say that!! Hopefully I will get more classes next semester and be able to transfer from Delta soon. I want to go somewhere by the beach like San Diego :) Sounds lovely! Getting out of Lodi for a while sounds really nice and refreshing. My mom wants me to go to William Jessup in Rocklin and I have thought about that but the ocean is calling my name :) Studying on the beach? Check yes.

A lot has changed around here! We have two new brothers now. Carson and John are finally here. And let me just say, whoa. Not what I expected at all but in all honesty I don't know what I expected. I think I just thought they'd come here, act like normal, well behaved kids. Learn English quickly, and we'd go on with our lives just like before. No. Not quite! It is very interesting having them here. I;m not exactly sure how to describe it. John is sweet, he can be caring and compassionate. I haven't spent any great amount of time with either of them. I mean, when I'm home they're here obviously. But they are on strict, structured schedules so they are doing something. They always make sure to say hi and good bye to me when I leave or come home. And they really like to hug. I understand they like to be loved but you can't just haaang on me, I mean, I need my space. I like my space. lol Carson is different. He acts a lot younger  like 3ish. Kinda just waddles around mumbling weird things and making noises. But hey, they've got a house to live in, brothers and sisters to play with, and loving paretns who are doing everything they can to make their lives better. :)

I've gotta go pick up Emily from school now, we're going shopping :) Sorry it took me so long! I'll try to blog again soon :)

Lip gloss & Nail Polish, Ashhhh <3