Monday, July 30, 2012

Hey guys....sooo I was re-reading my posts and I've got this unnecessary pattern on beginning with how long it's been since I've last I'm going to skip that nonsense and get to the point! Sometimes I just get an urge to write and I always wish it happened more often but when it does I have to take advantage. There's something about typing your thoughts out that is so incredibly refreshing. I love it.

My family and I just got back from a week vacation in Santa Cruz and it was amazing! As much fun as it was though I am very glad to be home and in my own bed. Eight people stuffed in a motor home for eight days is probably exactly what you think! Kinda crazy! But I wouldn't have wanted to be there with anyone else. It was a week of fun but also a week of learning. Learning about ourselves and about each other. Most importantly learning about God. I know I've said this before but it just keeps happening to me! Sometimes it takes a while for me to get the picture.....but God can take everything away from you if that's what it takes to get your attention. In my head I picture Him saying helloooo we've been though this! Look at me I'm right here!!!! And I'm like yeah yeah I know but hang on... Really?? I'm telling God to hang on? I'm telling the creator of the universe to hang on. Like he's my little sister knocking on my door while I'm on the phone. Who do I think I am!! So He has to take away all my distractions. If that means friends, money, job, family, boys...and once the distractions are gone and it's just me and God, I look back and I see where He was showing up in my life and I pushed Him away. It's crazy to me how clear it is when I look back but in the moment I didn't see it at all. We get so caught up in the moment and so caught up in not wanting to miss out on anything that we are missing out on the biggest thing which is God's plan for us! This world is one big distraction and sometimes we need to get away for a while to realize how truly blessed we are and how amazing God is and how much He loves us. No matter what we do. He is always there, arms open, loving us the whole time. Friends can walk away. Best friend bracelets can break. Boyfriends can break up with you. Your relationship with God, that will never change. He never changes. God wont walk away, his love wont break. His love is everlasting and that alone is enough for me. God is enough for me. 

Exodus 20:6 But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Everything happens for a reason...

Well hello there! A great amount of time has gone by since I've last written a blog and I have truly missed it! There have been many times where I will think, oooh I shoud blog tonight but I have yet to come up with something to blog about! But tonight I think I have come up with something and am hopefully go somewhere with it!!

I am a firm believer that God puts certain people in our lives for a certain reason. We don't just become best friends with our best friends out of no where. We don't date certain people just because. God meant it to happen for a reason. The hard part about that is we don't always know the reason or realize what the reason was until later. We may not always benefit from it but sometimes I think it's for the other persons benefit. Which is pretty sweet if you ask me, being put in someone's life specifically to encourage them or help them in some way or to share the good news of Jesus with them! But also for us to learn something from it. People that are placed into our lives aren't always meant to stay there. Which is a tough one for me. I have a hard time letting people go, I get attached very easily. Something I think God is teaching me right now is that He puts people in our lives for us to learn something from them or from the relationship we have with them. You don't always realize what an effect you have on someones life!Maybe they weren't meant to stay in your life forever. Or maybe they were..You just have to live life bringing Glory to God and he will lead you to who you need and where you need to go! So often I think we take people for granted and get so accustomed to having them in our lives we forget to remind them how special they are to us. Try to remember to take a moment of your day to remind someone you care about how much they mean to you :) whether it's a phone call or a sticky note, a short & sweet reminder is all it takes!

Be in God's word daily. Live your life in such a way that is pleasing to God. Tell people about Jesus Christ and share His amazing love. In doing all of these things God will bless you tremendously and you will be truly happy. I find myself seeking happiness from things that will only give me temporary happiness. God's love isn't temporary. It is always and forever. So take the challenge with me and seek true happiness from God! It is almost silly of us not to when we know he is so powerful and capable of all things!

So kinda short tonight but I just wanted to share this while it was fresh on my mind. Hoping to write again very soon!

Short & Sweet,
           Ash :)