Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 19: Getting used to this, but kinda ready for it to be over....

Hey! Sorry I haven't been blogging every night...I am lazy lol. In fact, I wasn't even planning on blogging tonight but I was on facebook and a junior higher (I help out with the jr high kids at my church) messaged me and said, "Blog???" So I was like wow okay I guess I need to do one! She told me she reads all my blog posts and had been praying for my family. Thanks Hannah :) You're so sweet!! I have so many different people reading my blog of all ages and all over the world, I need to make sure I'm keeping you updated!

I have some exciting news: My parents are coming home tomorrow night for 10 days!!! They have a 10 day wait period so they are going to come back for that and then go back and get the boys! When they go back they should only be there for about a week. Phew. We are really getting down to the wire!!! The boys definitely miss them, a lot. But so do we!! Emily and I were just talking about it last night. I was like, Em, "I miss mom. I cried." And she was like, "I cried the other day too!" ;( I'm usually the baby out of the two of us. How am I ever going to move out..............hmmmm...guess I'll be visiting a lot?

The kids have been really good but Charlie has this not listening thing going on. He asked  me if he could jump into the spa today and I said no it's too shallow. So he did it. I was like, um, hello? Did I say no I made him get out. He cried and crieeddddd. I talked to him a little bit about listening and about what no means...then I let him get back in. I'm not sure why he thinks even when I say no he can still do it. He knows he's going to get in trouble so is it worth it? I guess he'll learn. Garrett is good but he has an eating problem. He eats yogurt, peaches, yogurt, peaches, mac and cheese (on a good day), and yogurt. Oh and he eats peaches too. And sometimes yogurt. Soooo yeah. I offer other things. We had pizza brought to us tonight, thanks Marian! We all ate it and it was yummy! But Garrett wouldn't. So idk..I'll keep trying. I think he's going on strike. No parents, no food. haha maybe not....

Tyler has been with N & P and Sarah is at a friends house so it's just been Em and I. Pretty quiet for the most part, Garrett also hasa screaming thing going on. So annoying! But I'm sure he'll stop...eventually..
Sarah comes home tomorrow morning sometime and I'm sure my Nana will bring Ty sometime tomorrow afternoon. Our parents get home at like midnight tomorrow so everyone will be asleep. Em and I will probably stay up though! We are really excited.

Alrighty well I just had to get a quick blog in tonight. I'll write more later.

There you go Hannah :) Love you girly!!

X's and O's, Ash


  1. Hi Ash! - Been reading your blog, it's awesome!- as are you! You're a STAR, that shines SO bright!! ~ Am very glad Mom and Donnie are coming home during this "wait" period. It will be good for everyone to rejuvenate, re-energize for the Grand Finale of bringing your newest brothers HOME FOREVER!
    *Daily thoughts & prayers for all of you,

  2. Ashley,
    I just crack up at your humor - LOVED the description of Charlie's diet!! :D You truly have a way with words, Honey; maybe you should consider keeping the blog indefinitely - not an everyday type of thing of course, but an ongoing observation of your life and the people in it and around you, just as you have been...who knows? It may go "viral" and you'll make millions! lol

    ...You just never know! ♥♥♥

    Love you,
    Aunt Kim

  3. I love this Ash. I hadn't read it yet :/ where have I being home, and yes, I doubt you ever move out lol.....but I am ok with it ;) as long as you do your own laundry lol lol....I love you more than french toast!!

  4. Such a great writer you are, Ashley - AND a good mommy too! Charlie and Garrett are both at the ages where being a mommy can be really (REALLY!) stressful. You are handling all their little quirks with grace & patience. God is doing an amazing thing with your life & I am SO PROUD of you! (Glad you liked the pizza, by the way!) ENJOY every moment of these days while your mom & Donnie are home. Get rested up for the next stint of MOMMY-hood - LOL! xxBoots