Wednesday, July 27, 2011

They come home TONIGHT! kdgbkrbvkbgohbsd!!!

I. Am. So. Excited.

Words can't describe. I can't wait to walk down the hall and ask my mom if my outfit looks okay. I can't wait to say MOM again! Ahhhhhhh! <3

The boys are finally here. They are going to sleep in their new beds tonight in their new jammies! This is beyond exciting. Like I said, I don't have words.

The kids are giggling with excitement. When I got home from work at 7 Charlie ran up to me and asked if we were going now lol. Their flight actually got delayed to it's going to be later than expected. We have a long night ahead. But it will be worth it! :) Can't wait.

You haven't really missed much...I worked all day today and a little bit yesterday so Emily has been doing her time. Now that she's home I'm trying to pick up on lost hours from last week. One week off work sure does some damage to your pay check. That's okay though..I'll just have to lay off the shopping for a little bit. As tough as that is for me....! I have a small problem. Some may say it's an addiction. I just like to have new things :) I'm a girl, I'm allowed to love shopping. So ha. I do need to save money however..I have to move out some day.....

Well folks....there's really not much else to say except I will no longer be the head hancho. Ladies and gentlemen, lil mama will be off duty in less than 5 hours. I repeat, fiiivveeee hours. It's bittersweet actually. I will miss the boys coming to me when they need something, calling my name instead of mom or dad, asking me if they can do this or do that. But, at the same time, I will not miss the boys coming to me when they need something, calling my name instead of mom or dad, and asking me if they can do this or that. So yeah. I think that sums it up......

Now....I know all of you faithful readers of mine are expecting me to keep this blog up even when my parents get back....and I am here to tell you that....I will! I am not sure what I will write about all the time..obviously at first it will be about our new life and how everyone is adjusting. But after that, I guess we will see where this takes me! It is kind of exciting to not have a plan for it but to just let it unfold itself. I am looking forward to it and I hope you are too. Thanks so much for all your prayers and support during this journey. Thank you to everyone who brought us dinner. And thank you to everyone else who has been a part of this adoption adventure in any way. You all mean so much to us <3 This is the end of the road for lil mama's mommy blog, but...every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end...:)

Ribbons and pearls, Ashley


  1. And we are very excited for you!
    Much love & hugs from the Morrows!

  2. You have done a fabulous job keeping us entertained. I'm going to miss reading about all your adventures as Mom of the house!!

  3. You are an amazing daughter Ashley, and have done such a wonderful job as "MOM" and if you want, if you miss it, I can take off once a week and let you be in control again,....just sayin ;)

  4. Ashley, I am so very GLAD that you'll be keeping the blog going so we can know how everyone is adjusting to the new family dynamics. GOD BLESS YOU for your faithful service as "lil mom" in your Mom's absence. God is very pleased with how you've handled all the extra responsibility. Can't WAIT to see you ALL in church on Sunday! xxBoots

  5. Please keep blogging - I love reading your adventures....your mum should be (and I know she is) VERY proud of you and your care of your siblings!!

  6. Congrats on surviving - and thriving! - this whole adventure your family has been on the last several proud of you, Honey. :)

    And I'm glad you've decided to keep blogging - I feel like I'm peeking over your shoulder the way you write, and being sooo far away from all of you, that makes the heart of this auntie very, very happy. :)

    Love you, Sweetheart - please kiss everyone for me!
    Aunt Kim