Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am so happy our parents are home!

But they have to go back soon ;( Hopefully they will only be there for 2 more weeks and then home for good! With Carson and John! Yay! I can't wait. We sure have been enjoying this time that they've been home. I am attached to my mom <3 I missed her so much and it was only three weeks! Our nana and papa took us too Aptos yesterday, it was a lot of fun! Lots of driving though and it wasn't a very smooth ride! They just bought a motorhome so we took that even though we just went for the day. It was an adventure! :) 

 Today we went all went to lunch at a mexican restaurant called miguels mmmmm delish. Then we went to target and walmart and we were like a parade through the store. Everyone was talking, the boys were whining or asking for something and it was a little hectic. But that's the way we like it isn't it mom ;) hehe..she was trying to tell me something and I couldn't hear her and she was just like never mind I'll tell you tonight when they're all asleep!!! haha....the glorious bedtime. Since my parents have been home I've been able to go off and do my own thing with friends since I don't have to watch the kids, but I've really just wanted to stay home! Even if I'm not in the same room with my mom, just knowing she's around here somewhere..I don't want to leave. lol I am kind of a baby aren't I? Oh well! She's great. However I have been shopping a couple times and it feels so great! I love shopping and kind of have a problem...I like to spend $$$...yikes! But new clothes are so much fun :)

Soooo I feel like I don't have much to blog about since they're here..My blogs will get more interesting once they go back and I'm mom again!

beach days & lemonade, Ashley


  1. Thanks for letting us know you are having fun and enjoying your mom.

  2. God has blessed me with some really great kids. I am blessed beyond measure. Yes Ash, we do love the hecticness of the trail of chatty kids while shopping. It use to drive me crazy, but God has given me a peace that just makes me smile inside when the boys are whinny and the kids are all talking at once lol....I can't wait til it's 8 of you following me around the store all wanting my attention :) ha....the life of being a mom, of the best kids God could have given me.

  3. I hope you two (mom & daughter), know just how special your relationship is. Not all kids are orphaned, but not all kids have a mother who loves them so richly. You are blessed.

  4. I'm so happy that ALL OF YOU are so happy, Ashley - won't be much longer & you'll be weeping to say goodbye (for just a SHORT time!!) when they leave to go get the 2 boys. But then those tears will quickly stop because you'll be MOM to the kiddos at home again - and you KNOW how busy you'll be - no time for tears, right?! LOVE & HUGS! xxBoots