Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 1: Success

Hey! Okay, So, I've decided while my parents are out of the country and I'm the "mom" , I'm going to keep a blog! I just might decide to continue it when they come home also, ya never know! Alright, well they left this morning at 5:30 AM. I'm pretty sure they didn't sleep..they were still awake when I was going to bed at 3! My mom woke me up this morning to say good bye, and they were off. I went back to sleep and was woken up again three hours later by my three year old little brother, Garrett. He was crying as he slowly came down the stairs. I was sound asleep and when his crying woke me up, I shot up, BOOM! Mommy mode. Weird right? Well it gets weirder...I rushed over to the stairs to get him and he wouldn't let me pick him up. He was super grouchy and whiny. So I just let him come down on his own, whining and all, and I got him some milk and turned on Sprout (his favorite TV channel). After a while he was okay and let me hug him and love on him but for some reason it took him some time, like he didn't know me or something. Meanwhile, Charlie, my five year old lil bro, was fast asleep! I went around the house opening the windows and getting breakfast for the was weird doing the things my mom does every morning. I was actually really sad :(  When Charlie got up I asked him if he was ready for some cereal and he said, "I want to wait til mommy comes home to eat breakfast." I made a sad face :(  "Mommy and daddy wont be home for a lot more sleeps Char, sorry bubby!" Luckily he didn't cry so we were all good! So let's see....everyone got up, my Nana and Papa came and picked up my twelve year old brother Tyler, and I got ready for work. I was walking down the hall and the door bell rang, it was the lady who lives across the street. She invited the kids to go to Masons beach with her and her grand kids..I was a little iffy at first because Emily (15 yr old sister) would have to go with both boys and Sarah (11 yr old sis). But Emily said she would take them, so we slathered them up in sun block and off they went! I was still kinda worried though because Charlie and Garrett hadn't been there yet and I didn't know what it was like either..I went to work and seriously kept thinking, I hope they're being good, I hope they're okay! Luckily it was suuuupppeer busy at work so the time flew by and pretty soon I was on my way home. They had a great time and Em said the boys were good. Phew. When I got home I wanted to jump in the pool and Sarah and Charlie came too. Sarah decided to go back in the house so Charlie got out and went over to the grass to play. He went running and all of a sudden I heard a high pitched scream! "Ouchiiieee my fooooot ahhh !!!" Something must have stung him, or he stepped on something pokey, but I don't think it was a bee because there wasn't a stinger. He was walking around on the side of his foot and insisted that I give him a band aid...on the bottom of his foot...silly guy. It stuck though, and he was much happier. After he ate dinner I was getting him ready for a bath and he said, "Ashley, I think I'm ready to walk on my foot now." I laughed as he ever so carefully put his foot down flat on the soft rug. The kid cracks me up! Garrett played in the bath for a while and then I brushed their teeth (Garrett was a struggle and took me and Emily!) and put them to bed. Even though I was gone for four hours out of the day, I'd say it was a good one! I wish my mom could get on facebook or something though :( We miss you guys!! Hopefully we will hear from them soon. Day one was easy....let's see how the rest go....!

Lots of love, <3 Ash


  1. I love you Ashley. Thanks for being the mommy :)

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  3. You are doing such a GREAT job, Ashley! Hang in there - you will get everything settled into a dull routine before you know it! Your parents can be SO PROUD of you - it's simply amazing how much you're doing. :)