Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 8: Lil mama

So it's been a full week since our parents have been gone. So far everything has been great! The boys are doing good. Ty and Sarah are at Hume Lake. Luckies...and Emily got home today!!! :) I worked 12-4 today so Nana came over to watch the boys. She brought OJ and mopped :) Thanks Nana! It was nice to be back at work after having three days off. I missed my friends there! Oh! I have a cute pic of Charlie...I let him pick his shoes today...

After work I picked up Emily and ran up to her and hugged her forever and squeezed her little cheekies. She said I was embarrassing and her friends were like aw I wish someone did that to me! So ha! I just missed her okay. Jeez! Anyways..we came home and she went to sleep! It was like 5...and she's still sleeping!! That's okay because she can get up early with the boys ;) haha suckaaaa :p soo it was kind of a lazyyyy day. I had to get right on the computer to pick classes for the fall. I'm going back to Delta but since I didn't go last semester they pushed my date to pick classes everything was full! So far I only have one class..I might get on the waiting list for a few more or I might just show up to some and just see what happens. As long as I do really well in this class I should have a better date for the spring semester. So while I was dealing with all that the boys were playing and being loud and running all over the house! I made pasta for dinner and we ate out back on the deck. It was nice but kinda windy! After dinner the boys had a bath and I got them ready for bed and put them to bed, but they weren't as ready as I was!
                                                              Garrett the carrot :)

It was 9:30..a little later than they've been going to I figured they would be tired. Nope. Obviously Nana didn't do a very good job at my "tiring out" technique...hehe..I had to come upstairs a few times and use my stern mommy voice. Finally they fell asleep. Little sweethearts. I totally missed them today at work. After spending almost every minute with them for three days, four hours without them was so sad ;( hahah oh gosh..listen to me!!! haha. So yeah..they're sleeping and I'm watching the bachelorette. Yep. I watch that. I don't watch much TV but I always watch this and the bachelor for some reason. I def would not ever do something like's totally wrong. But I'm such a sucker for lovey dovey mushy sweetness, and this show is full of that cutesy romance. hehe. Anyways...lil mama is doin good! Thanks so much for all the prayers and love and support!!!! I really appreciate it. I love you all! :) 

Thomas and Friends, Ash


  1. Great as always, Ashley! Garrett looks so old in that picture!!! He's definitely not a baby anymore. I love what you did to Emily. She is indeed blessed to have an older sister that loves her so much! I have one of those too! :D

  2. Hahaha! Love the title:) you know your a great writer when I'm up at five to read it! Lovvvve it!!

  3. You are doing an amazing job! I LOVE your attitude!!

  4. HEY! Maybe Charlie wants to be called "Boots" too?? :)
    Great writing again, Ashley - you are doing such an amazing job. Your parents have every right to be proud of you - and the LORD is pleased because I'm sure you are doing it ALL as "unto" Him! :) xxooxxBoots