Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 11: Bring it on! I've got a stroller....

Yo! How are you guys doing? I hope you're enjoying my blog. I find out about more and more people that are reading it every day and it amazes me! When I started this I didn't think many people would read it. I did it more so that our parents could see what we're doing while they're gone. But it's so cool to know other people are reading too :) 

I worked today so Emily was back on duty. I always know I'm going to come home to a clean house when she's in charge :) I was right. Dishes done, laundry done, beds made, rooms clean. Oh yeah! Can't wait til she's older and we're roommates :) When I got home from work I went straight upstairs to hug and kiss Charlie and Garrett. It's so different now. Before, when my parents were here, I'd come home and go in my room, change, check my fb, and then come out and see the kids..Now, I got straight to them and smother them with love! I can't help it. It comes naturally. I played with them for a little bit and then we got ready and went to the farmers market downtown. We took the stroller for Garrett and it is thee worst stroller I've ever used. First of all, all of Lodi was there. It was crowded. People like to walk sllooowwwlllyy. Which is fine, whatever, take your time looking at all those peaches, they all look the same to me! Or at least scoot over so I can push the stroller that doesn't like to turn around you. But please, for the love of lip gloss, DO NOT STOP in FRONT on me!!! I will hit you with the stroller. Don't believe me? Boom. Oh sorry, was that your cute little flip flop I just ran over? Woopsy....I've got a whiney 3 year old and he wants a blue snow cone! Move it!! If one more person stopped in front of me.....Alright, I'm done :) So I got the boys snow cones and Emily and I got blended mochas.
 Garrett's blue tongue from his blue snow cone!

We walked around for a while, saw some friends, hung out, and then it was time to leave. I stopped and got milk and bananas on the way home, leaving Em in the car with the boys. So much easier that way. And then we came home. It was a little late and they were whiney, they hadn't eaten dinner yet. I quickly started some mac and cheese and they watched a movie. Garrett had a hard time tonight.....he hasn't been drinking milk and I think it's because someone accidentally bought reduced fat instead of 2%..I guess it tasted gross to him, he keeps saying, "it's yucky!" So today I made sure I got the right kind but he doesn't know that, he still wont drink it. Also, he hasn't been eating very well. He always eats his yogurt. But that's it. He ate mac and cheese tonight annnd asked for more, so I was happy!! But he was really crabby..he really didn't want a bath tonight. But I'm not the kind of person to skip a day of bathing. They get baths every single night! Stinky or not! He cried the whole time. I gave him a super quick bath and got him dressed and he kept crying and saying, "I want daddy I want daddy!!!" I was chatting with my mom on fb and told her, and even though it was late and way passed their bedtime she said to skype her so he could talk to Donnie. I thought that would make it worse but it did the complete opposite! He was so happy! After they said bye he was all smiles and went straight to bed with no tears :) Phew! Charlie asked me to read them a story so I read them Guess How Much I Love You. When I kissed them good night and turned off the light they said good night and were out! Yay! Thank you skype. 

But really, I'm ready for them to come home!! We all miss them so much. But not only that, seeing all my mom's pictures of her and Donnie with Carson and Ivan make us all that much more excited to finally meet them! I can not wait to meet my new brothers. I just want them to be home already! We are going to get some fabric and make them blankets and get their room all ready. Carson and Ivan, your brothers and sisters love you!! You will be home soon <3 

Snow cones & stroller fights, Ash


  1. I love your blog more and more each day. You are amazing and I know if your dad would read these he would be so proud of you too. Hey, I gave you a number of a guy that will come over and fix the toilet. Just so ya know ;) and I wish we would have had time to paint their room :( makes me sad that there room is not done. Maybe Nana could take you somewhere and buy them a dresser. I mean, you go with her and pay for it but she can help you pick one out. Or you can do it. However. Just from Target or walmart, or, go to Sac and go to Ikea or something. But don't spend more that $100 for it okay....

  2. Go to Ikea!? I don't even know where it is. I know, I know, use your navigation. But still. You know me. I get lost in Lodi to this day. Charlie had a better sense of direction than I do. And I feel like Ikea would be more than $100. Plus I'd have to have Nana watch the boys.....

  3. I haven't commented here before but I have read all your entries Ash and they are so well written. I can just picture everything you are writing about. It seems that you are doing a very good job while your mom is away and I know that it will make her more relaxed knowing what good hands the kids are in.

    Just so you know, your blog has gone international!!! I live in Australia and am a grandma.

  4. Australia! That is so awesome!!! :) haha wow I soo didn't expect to have this many readers! Thanks so much :) I love writing these and I love the feedback. <3

  5. You are doing a FANTASTIC job, Ashley - we are ALL so proud of you! Keep leaning on JESUS for HIS strength each & EVERY day! God bless! xxBoots

  6. Ashley thanks for your honest and from the heart statements.....when I read about the people stopping in front of you at farmer's market I was cracking up! What great experience you are gaining.....and its neat to read about the great sister friendship you have with Emily...cherish that! <3 Leonda

  7. I have 5 siblings so i know what it's like to help care for kids and your doing awesome!!! Every morning the first thing i do is check your blOg for updates!!! Your awesome and a great role model!!!!!