Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 6: Another one down

Well Today was a good day. I hung out at home with Garrett for most of the day. He is so good when it's just him. He's not bad when the other kids are home but he just does his own thing when he's alone and doesn't cry or anything. The house was peaceful today :) Then Charlie and Tyler came home. Bye bye peace and quiet. Hello loudness and arguing. Tyler and Sarah LOVE to argue with each other. They get at least one argument in every 5 minutes. SO IRRITATING. I'm looking forward to them being at Hume Lake for a week :) just me and Emily and the boys. Woo hoo! She comes home Monday evening :))) Yay. I try to stop and take a minute when they are really getting to me. I was playing out front with Char and Garrett...Sarah kept coming out there telling me something Tyler was doing. He took the lock for he suitcase or he wouldn't let her have any of the candy Nana bought or he took all the sun block. AH! I was soooooo sick of it. I tried ignoring them and letting them deal with it. I heard slamming doors and screaming from guess that didn't work. So like I was saying, I try to take a minute, ask Jesus to give me patience and wisdom to resolve the problem, and it really helps. Tyler and I don't get a long very well so I've been talkin to Jesus lots today!!! Maybe that's good? Anyways..he apologized. But it'll happen again. Maybe this week at Hume something will click for him. I hope so.

Charlie had a t-ball game this morning. It was so cute!! He only has one more :( I love watching them play. They all dog pile on the ball, it's hilarious. Some of them are actually really good though! I took some pics of Charlie..
                                                   He likes to slide into home!

                        Garrett got to play at the park with Tyler while Charlie played t-ball

After the game Charlie had a birthday party to go to and Tyler and Sarah went along to help out. Garrett was not very happy that he had to leave and Charlie go to stay at the party with all the kids. So I took him to get a cupcake at a cute little bakery..

Garrett played outside for a while and I skyped with my mom and Donnie and cleaned up a little bit. Nana came over to drop off snacks for the kids to take for Hume and did some laundry. Then it was time to pick up the kids from the party. Like I said...bye bye peace and quiet. Ty and Sarah had to pack for Hume and Charlie and Garrett played with their toys and watched sprout. I had to help Sarah pack because she forgets things :) and then we all went out front to play. My friend Nate just got a job at a pizza place and he delivers the pizza so I decided to order one for dinner! The kids enjoyed that. We don't usually get pizza from that particular place and I'm so glad I did this time! Tyler who doesn't even like pizza had three pieces! Or maybe that's because I haven't been feeding them. haha juuuust kidding ;) So yeah, thanks Nate! :) After pizza they played a little more (that was really just me trying to tire them out) we have an early morning tomorrow, the kids have to be at church for Hume at 7:45. Yay me. So I gave the boys a bath, brushed their teeth, and nighty night time for them. I'm starting to look forward to bedtime more and more. It's so nice when I'm the only one awake. I even sent Ty and Sarah to bed at 9. Do you hear that...? Nothing. So nice :) Alrighty well I'm off to bed. Thanks for reading :) Good night! 

Fruit snacks & Cherrios, Ash 


  1. Oh how I love your blog...we just laugh and laugh and laugh because I know EXACTLY how you feel lol lol !!! love you....can't wait til tomorrows post ;)

  2. Oh My Goodness. I know EXACTLY how nice the quiet is after everyone is in bed. SO nice. :D

  3. You are getting such good practice for your future, and you go through what every mom does, so we DO understand! Evening wind-downs are the best :)

  4. Love your blogs Ashley--especially this one! I Love 9 p.m.--when my kids are finally asleep! As you can see, I'm still enjoying my "peace" after 2 a.m.! LOL!! Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for the posts Ashley. Great job.