Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 5: Finally Bedtime!

Wow....I'm exhausted. I thought bedtime for the boys would never come. Today was a rough day. Charlie was pretty naughty...Garrett was good but before bed when he had to leave his movie to take a bath. he did not cry however when I brushed his teeth! Which is a first. So that was exciting!! Alright..I guess I should start at the beginning.....I got up at 6:15 and took Emily to Tokay..she went to Santa Cruz for cheer camp and is gone until Monday evening. Then I went back to sleep and Tyler went to Santa Cruz with the Anderson's..they picked him up around 8. Sarah came running into my room at 8:30 and said oh no I was supposed to be at church right now! She decided to start coaching for Mega Sports Camp (which ended today) so she got ready and was a little late. So I came home, got the boys some breakfast and got them dressed. They went upstairs to watch Thomas and I did some blogging and filling out papers for Tyler and Sarah to go to Hume on Sunday. I didn't know all the doctor info so I had to skype my mom which turned into a long skype sesh with the boys lol they always fight over who gets to be directly in front of the camera and they always touch it and move it to their face. So skype time with the boys is always super fun. I'm sarcastic by the way if you don't know me. Nice to meet you. :) After skype the boys had lunch and then we went swimming. Sarah went to get a manicure and pedicure with some friends (thanks guys!) Her nails are super cute!! 

When Sarah got home she came swimming with us. This is where Charlie started pushing it. He would let the goggles sink down to the bottom of the pool which he knows he's not supposed to. I don't like diving to the was just doing little things that he knows he shouldn't and when I would say no he did it anyway. He had a few time-outs. Buuut, we had a lot of fun taking pictures! :)

After we went swimming we came inside, threw some clothes on and went to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner. At the store I tried to put Garrett in the front of the cart but he wasn't havin that. I moved him to the big part and he did okay for a while but he wanted to walk around like Charlie so I got him out. Bad idea. They like to.....explore. Oh and just you wait til we got to the yogurt section. Oh boy. They went nuts! Garrett was putting gogurts into the card because lightening Mcqueen was on the box...Charlie was talking very loud, telling me what flavors he wanted. I was looking forward to getting to the check out.We finally escaped the grocery store and made it back home. Phew. I made chicken tacos but I started kinda late and I was ready for the boys to be in bed so I made them chicken nuggets and peaches. They like that better anyways! Oh, and we always pray before we eat......

"Thank you Jesus for dieing on the cross for our sins and for mommy and daddy bringing home new boys Carson and John. Amen"
"Thank you Jesus for Thomas and for..rifnkdsnbifeb.fnfou.dnowen.doewindw (no clue)..Amen."

I love it! <3 After dinner it was movie and bath time. Then brushed their teeth and finally off to bed. I read Garrett a story and he let me brush his teeth while he looked at a book. That's the trick! I kissed him good night and turned off the lights. Ten minutes later when I checked on him he was fast asleep! Charlie got out of bed once just to get something he wanted to sleep with and then he was out too. Tyler got home shortly after that with a bright red face. But that's all that got sunburned so not too bad...he said he reapplied sun block 3 times. Lucky bum got to ride the giant dipper today at the boardwalk! Fun! Nana said they might take us to the beach in their new motorhome when they get it. Woo hoo! Ty went straight to bed and Sarah and I cleaned the kitchen and did dishes. I was happy to turn off the lights and get into bed to write my blog. Ahhhh. Peace and quiet :) Well I'm off to dreamland..busy day tomorrow! T-ball at 9 and birthday party at 11. Good night! I'll write tomorrow!

p.s. I miss her.....

Sunblock and Floaties,


  1. Hi, Ashley - Grandma Gloria told me today you are blogging, so I had to check it out. I feel like I'm peeking over your shoulder into your life cuz your writing is so good - thanks for letting us be part of this with you! :D I love you, honey...
    Aunt Kim xoxoxo

  2. Hi Aunt Kim! Thank you! :) Love you too!
    Thanks Dawn!

  3. Thanks for keeping us close to home Ash. It means a lot to us to see what you are all doing while we are gone. I think we look forward to getting home and reading your blog as much as everyone else is looking forward to seeing ours!!! Love you guys!

  4. Ashley, we are ALL so very PROUD of you for stepping up to the plate this way - it helps your parents to rest assured that the family is being so well taken care of in their absence. GOD BLESS YOU as you continue the daily routines. Keep leaning on JESUS for strength for each day!!! xxMarian (Your mom calls me "Boots" - the cowboy boot gal, remember?)

  5. You're welcome Donnie! hehe I look forward to writing it! :) love you guys too!

    And hi Marian, yes I remember you! Thank you :) Yes, I've been asking Jesus to give me patience when I get irritated with the kids!! It helps! <3