Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 10: Feels like day 100

Hey Everyone! I can't believe it's only been 10 feels like it's been one month!! Everything is going so well. People keep asking me how it's the kids are let them know if I need anything...honestly, it's going just fine! I'm not saying I don't appreciate the concern, because I totally do. I'm just so happy with how well everything is going so far. Now, we still have a long way to go. But we've got a good start :) Little things have the toilet in my bathroom is I have to clean that every day. Also we have an any problem. The first night we left dishes in the sink with food on them and the next morning there were ants all over the sink. After that I quickly learned to wash the dishes every night. I should just do that anyways! So they stopped showing up in the kitchen but I'd notice a couple here and there and then Emily found a huge trail in her bedroom. Today I bought ant traps. Those suckers better DIE. Nothing else has really gone wrong..phew! today the boys got up pretty early ugh =/ I'm not getting used to that...! I got up and got them their breakfast and turned on their cartoons. I was just kinda lazy for a while..then I got into the shower and was going to get ready for work but when I got out I had a voicemail that I didn't have to go into work today! I was super excited that I could just do whatever I wanted today so we decided to go back to the mall. I know....we were just there yesterday but..we forgot to get the one thing we were supposed to get yesterday which was a pillow pet for Ivan since we got one for Carson a while ago. And also last night my mom told Emily and I we could get a pair of Toms Shoes and she would pay :) So we wanted to get them today! Emily and I got ready and got the boys ready and we went to Target first. Garrett calls it Targ. It's so funny when he says it lol. After our target trip we stopped for lunch. The guy in the taco bell drive through was extra friendly and Emily said he was staring at me as he was handing me my food but I wasn't even paying attention lol I was too focused on making sure the boys had everything and just other things..anyways she was laughing at him..poor guy ha..We ate real quick and then headed to the mall. First we went to the mall with the pillow pet store. Garrett fell asleep on the way there and I had to change his diaper..again...while he was sleeping...

We picked a pillow pet for Ivan and then went over to the other mall. Emily got some really cute Toms but they didn't have my size in any cute ones so I ordered some online. Here's a pic of Emily's!

Then we came home and the boys played outside for a little while and Emily cleaned out the car. How awesome is she!!

My best friend <3
                    Garrett had 3D chock glasses on :)

            Then we came inside and the boys had a wrestling match...
 Garrett usually wins..........
 He's strong for a little guy!

 I decided to join in..
 Then we played dress up!

After that it was bedtime. They were pretty tired but Garret has been having a hard time. Charlie is usually really good about bedtime but he got up and came downstairs a few times..Garrett is fine once he's in bed but getting him there is the trick. He doesn't like his hair washed even though I am very careful and never get it in his eyes. Sometimes he doesn't even want to get in the bath so that's a struggle. I try to sing and play to make it fun. It works sometimes. When he starts crying I sing twinkle twinkle little star or itsy bitsy spider. Or winnie the pooh! He usually stops crying and sings with me. I learned that one from mom :) Also he really doesn't like his teeth brushed. But when he cries during that it helps me really get in there! Last night when he was crying he was saying, "I want mommy I want mommy!!!!" He was making me sad ;( I gave him a cute little polar bear book with a white, soft, fuzzy circle of fluff on it that he likes to touch. Distraction is key! It worked. I am always so relieved when they are in bed sleeping. Phew. We made it another day. :)

Rubber Duckies & Bubbles, Ashley

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  1. Oh how I miss all you guys. I love how you have become such a great sister/mommy. You are going to be a GREAT mom someday. And I can see that you are learning also that you can't move far away ;) because you will miss all of us to much :) I am so happy about that can live with us forever if you want ;) I love you Ash, can't wait to hug my big girl....I am very proud of you, just so you know.....hugs, kisses and love coming your way. Keep my babies safe and we will be home soon...