Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 9: Rain...

Rain in June? What! So weird. Today was fun! I got to sleep in because Emily is here so she got up with the boys. We kinda just lounged around this morning and cleaned up a little..I watered the plants and put laundry away. Emily is back so there's finally laundry to put away haha! Once we all got ready we went to Nana and Papa's house to see their new motor home. She said they want to take us to Santa Cruz and spend the night..it sleeps 8. I can see that getting chaotic with all the kids and whatnot...but hey, why not! I'd love to go to the beach :) So hopefully that will be happening soon. Em and I left the boys there and went shopping. It was nice to hang out, just her and I. We went to forever 21 :))) it's the best. I bought a few things and got her a couple things too. I love shopping with my sister. Plus we can share clothes so I make sure I like what she picks out hehe. When we got back to Nana's and Papa's the boys were playing in the play room with Nana. They could probably play in there all day. Just something about Nana's house. We stayed for dinner and they ordered a pizza for us. We have the best Nana and Papa ever! After dinner they played some more and had some ice cream. Then we ran out to the car and headed home. It was pouring rain!! Garrett fell asleep on the way home so I had to change his clothes and change his diaper while he was asleep..he would not wake up! He will prob be up early tomorrow...that's okay because I have to work anyways. I let Charlie stay up a little but later and play. He is such a sweet heart. But he is growing up so fast!! I want him to stay 5 for a while....I like this age. But I always look at them and wonder what they will be like when they are older, like my age..I just can't imagine them any other age then what they are now! I am definitely ready for my mom and Donnie to come back..it's just weird being here without them. Plus I'm so close with my mom, I miss her a lotttt!! And I know the boys do too!! They are doing really well though! I try to keep them busy. I am learning a lot through this whole thing...I treat Charlie and Garrett like they are my kids..and I really want to know what people are thinking when we are out and about and I'm walking around with them, holding their little hands. Or putting them in their car seats in our SUV type car. I really want someone to say something like, oh your kids are so cute. Just so I can be like, you think I had a baby when I was 14? haha...people don't think I am 19 anyways. I get told that I look like I'm 16 all the time...I'll be 20 in September. But that's okay, I'll be forever young :) hehe okay, I'm rambling. Talk to ya tomorrow! <3

Rain drops & Lolli Pops, Ash  

p.s. I forgot to add this a few days ago when we went to walmart...they were watching cars on all the tvs lol :)


  1. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE AN AWESOME MOM ONE DAY... But take your time!! No rush!! Enjoy being 20 and NOT strapped down!!

  2. Thanks for making me cry lol....I miss you too Ash and can't wait to get home. I love you!!

  3. I totally agree w/Julia: You are going to be an AWESOME mom one day - but don't rush it - LOL! your mom will say the same thing... We are ALL so proud of you, Ashley, for stepping up to the plate this way and being responsible for the kiddos while your parents are away. God is so pleased w/your efforts - even the "little things" are done as unto HIM! AMEN! xxBoots