Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 4: Mellow

The days are really starting to fly by. When I'm making the boys breakfast in the morning I'm like, didn't I just do this!? It's crazy. Everyone is doing really well. The boys have their moments..but it's usually at night. Garrett slept all the way through the night last night, yay! He's doing better. Charlie is good but isn't always very nice to Garrett. He loves him though, so much!! He calls him little bebe. Okay so..yesterday I worked from 9 AM-2PM so Emily was on duty. She's so great. I took her to Tokay this morning at 6:16! I forgot how nice it is outside at that time..the morning smells so good and fresh. But I came home and went back to sleep. I was sad when I dropped her off ;( she's not only my sister but my best friend and I wont see her for 3 days! Also, who's going to do the dishes and laundry?! I'm not even kidding..there's like 2 things in the dirty clothes right now. She is a superstar. Back to yesterday! So when I got home from work Sarah went to Masons with the kids across the street. His name is Edward and he's Emily's age and his brother is Antonio and he is Sarah's age. K so now I can say Edward and Antonio and you'll know who I'm talking about. lol...Charlie loves the boys..when he wakes up, "Can I go play with Edward now?! Is Edward outside???" haha..Then I took the boys to get a haircut. Tyler gets a fo hawk and Charlie wanted to be like him so the lady styled Charlie's hair into a mo was so funny but he loooved it. Then we went to Baskin Robins and they got ice cream. After that I brought Tyler home to he could go swim with the kids and I took Em and the boys to walmart. Making little shopping trips like that with out my mom is weird but I'm actually getting used to it. I've learned to put Charlie in the big part of the cart so I can keep track of him. Way easier that way. I've been learning a lot of little tricks actually. Let them play outside all day and run around so they will be tired and not only go to bed early but sleep well through the night. Always bring snacks when going places. And water! Then we came home and the boys went swimming and Nana and Papa came over. The boys really enjoyed that. Yesterday was pretty mellow..Right now it's just me, Garrett, and Charlie. They just ate lunch....I've been trying to write this since like 9:30 this morning lol Thomas the Train is entertaining the boys now so maybe I can go take a shower. I know what it's like now mom.....haha....I miss Emily already :( Monday night hurry up. Alrighty well I'm peacin out. I'll try to blog again tonight. 

Yogurt & Peaches, 


  1. hahaha, oh Ashley, I just love this soooo much. You are so funny, where did you get that from ;) Love you and can't wait to read your update :)

  2. Great update, Ashley! You are doing such a great job! Fun to read. It's been awhile since I've had to think about shopping with little ones! It is a challenge!

  3. Thanks :P I'm having fun with it!

  4. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder..." You are going to ((HUG)) Emily to pieces when she returns - LOL! You are doing such a great job of being the mommy, Ashley - keep blogging - we love these updates! :)